Monday, August 3, 2015

InfoBarrel Author of the Week: Yindee and Sue

This week, I decided to visit the lovely and talented InfoBarrel author Yindee in South Africa. I heard that Smuts Track (yes, that's what it's called) is "one of the most popular hikes on Table Mountain."

As you can imagine, it sounded like the perfect location to bring my three favourite food groups: coffee, wine, and chocolate. (Click to enlarge if you are over 40 or forgot your glasses).

Muizenberg in the distance by Damien du Toit (coda on flickr) | Coffee Wine and Chocolate photo by Rob & Dani (rob-qld on flickr) Both Photos CC-by-2.0 | Yindee avatar and RoseWrites added with Pixlr
"Muizenberg in the Distance" by Damien du Toit (coda on flickr) CC-by-2.0 | "Coffee Wine and Chocolate" by Rob & Dani (rob-qld on flickr) CC-by-2.0 | Yindee InfoBarrel avatar and photo of RoseWrites added using Pixlr

Oops, looks like Table Mountain . . um, doesn't have any tables. It's okay, we'll down this stuff in no time. Right Sue?

Intimate Personal Lubricant "WILD ROSE wickedly sensuous" by Nature Fresh
Prior to meeting Sue, I thought I'd check out her Nature Fresh product line.

I was delighted to see that she named a product after me (shown at right). Not that I need help in this department (if you know what I mean). 

Still, I'm flattered.

How did word reach South Africa that I'm wild and wickedly sensuous?

And once I read Sue's InfoBarrel article Chocolate Paired With Wine for More Potent Polyphenols, I knew I could learn something from this lady.

Who doesn't want stronger, more powerful polyphenols?

Without Further Ado

I present to you my interview with Yindee (aka Sue). Oh and she too answered the highly inappropriate questions I asked. 

Writing-related questions:

Q: How did you end up on InfoBarrel? And what do you like most about it here?

A: I was a Suite io refugee. My good friend Francis Spiegel paved the gluten-free way forward. I met lovely people there and now two time InfoBarrel and Suite Sue.

Q: Is there some topic that you'd like to write about but haven't (and why)?

A: Always, plenty. One day about my art. My sanity. But I lost it when I got woven into writer's hubs. [Sue, if you're talking about "hubs" on HubPages, that makes sense. I mean, they will play mind games with your head.]

Q: Do you have any weird (or helpful) writing rituals?

Avatar of Yindee on InfoBarrel (aka Sue) and her boss cat Yindee (used with permission)
Avatar of Yindee on InfoBarrel and her cat Yindee (used with permission)

A: Here is a picture of my boss, Yindee. He is a lilac Siamese and is a good distraction. He trots across my keyboard, takes over, poses for photo shoots and brings me baby snakes.

Q: What's the most memorable, strange, or humorous comment you've ever received on one of your InfoBarrel pieces?

A: I have so many, especially from Marlando. But typos are the best, like "I got two 'bog' thumbs!" 

My best are from the general public, especially after a radio broadcast:

"My vagina is discharged" and "I have low blood but take no madications." And the most pathetic: "I eat healthily but ...." and you get all the prescribed drugs, side effects, contraindications and iffy gas.

[Hmm, my vagina is still "in the service" and I never heard of "iffy gas" only the irrefutable kind, Sue.]

Photo of Jim and Sue Visser of Nature Fresh (used with permission)
Jim and Sue (provided by Sue Visser Aug. 4th, 2015)
Q: My dear friend Jonathan Nielsen (TanoCalvenoa on InfoBarrel), wanted me to ask you how you got involved in learning about natural health?

A: Decades ago, my husband Jim had rheumatic fever and was given 2 weeks to live. He collected his antibiotics and went windsurfing. He did not recover and started to get seizures at night. Our brother-in-law was a health nut and recommended calcium. It saved the day and we left our lucrative pottery business and sold the raw materials as mineral supplements - sort of. I had to recover from chronic fatigue and that led to DIY health protocols.

[Hmm, so you mean this vase might have become a OTC mineral supplement instead? Yes, for those of you paying attention, I found a vase on Table Mountain.]

Highly inappropriate questions (entirely voluntary):

Q: LittleTwoTwo mentioned that "some of Yindee's articles have really grabbed me." She didn't elaborate, so here's what I found gripping, you state "the latest trend is to pair wine with chocolate."

I tried some Sauvignon Blanc with chocolate. And yes, the wine seemed smoother and the chocolate, sweeter. But here's the deal sister: I'm still waiting for my "imagination to go crazy" and for me to know what you meant by "new-mown hay."

A: It is crazy, but the nose can play tricks on you. Just listen to the gurus talking about flint, dirty drains, mellow cobwebs, and nuances associated with fermented grapes. Then they go off about the chocolate - the berries, the deep undertones. Please. I drink Blank de Noir with ice. Even if the snobs call it "budgiepiss." As for bitter dark chocolate? I don't like those types.

[Hmm, that clears things up, moving right along then.]

Q: Your article Laughter is the Best Medicine and it's infectious! was jammed pack with advice. What tickles your fancy (besides laughing at lavatories through the ages)?

A: A feather will do.

Q: Are men with accents, you know, better at keeping a woman happy behind closed doors? Personally I find the South African accent HOT.

Curious Dog photo taken on July 14th, 2008 by GabaGaba (gabbyd on flickr) CC-by-2.0
Curious Dog by GabaGaba on flickr (CC-by-2.0)
A: I have no idea. Jimmy and I have been happily entwined for 40 years. (You forgot - I am a health Guru.)

Q: Is there anything you'd recommend single people try that is safe and healthy to boost their love life?

A: Yes, sex. (If you are single then you can't be infected by yourself.)

Oh look, it's Not Following You Dog!

Guess you are hinting at being master of my domain, gotcha.

Q: What pisses you off the most?

A: Yindee - if he walks across the keyboard when I am loading an InfoBarrel opus magnus at midnight - and it doesn't save. [But "bring on the baby snakes" – I think I need more wine and chocolate Sue.]

Back to you and your work:

Q: What are three or four InfoBarrel articles that you are most proud of?

A: Traditional Medicine Grows in the Ground and Cannot be Legislated In South Africa we face a ban on traditional medicine. I stand my ground and will present this article at a National Convention.

Citrus pulp facts - cures cancer, cuts cholesterol. Here are the recipes! I developed these recipes and protocols - basically from something that ends on the trash heap.

Parasites are Part of Us but Some of Them Have to Go! And something useful with DIY well-tried and tested. Some unique. Save my husband from malaria!

Squirrel looking surpised "Don't mind the colours" by Tomi Tapio K on flickr (CC-by-2.0) Taken on Sept. 23, 2007
Credit: tomitapio on flickr (CC-by-2.0)
Testosterone Triggers - Tribulus Terrestris is a Thorny Horny Herb This is one of my most controversial articles. This herb (shown further along) does more than what people assume.

I have received lab test results and comments from patients with plenty of evidence that it raises testosterone (and somebody else).

Perhaps because I made a tincture out of it. (But Wild Rose may not need to know that!)

Q: Where can readers find you?

A: Suite io Sue Visser, Facebook: Nature Fresh, Google Plus: Sue Visser, and our direct helpline.

Q: How do you prefer to reach out to your audience?

A: I enjoy public talking, radio shows and workshops - you guessed it. I can talk instead of writing all day and all night!

Q: Are there any other writers on InfoBarrel that you'd like to see interviewed? And if so, is there any questions you'd like me to ask him or her?

A: Francis Spiegel - ask her how she became such an intensely passionate sharer of art and gluten-free muffins?

Marlando - ask him if anybody, other than his grandmother, inspired him to know about life?

Tribulus plant (provided by Sue Visser aka Yindee)
In Closing:

I want to thank Sue for allowing me to visit her in South Africa. We had a blast. 

After I got totally ripped on coffee, wine, and chocolate, Sue told me to take tribulus (shown at right) to help me make the climb up Table Mountain.

Then later, I'm not sure when, Sue told me that the "Free the Nipple" campaign was old news and pineapple breasts were the latest craze.

Image of Sue Visser with produce and pineapples on her chest (provided by Yindee on InfoBarrel)
Last two images provided by Yindee (Sue Visser) Aug. 3rd, 2015

Be sure to drop by next weekend for another episode of InfoBarrel Author of the Week.


  1. Thanks Rose - these interviews are very entertaining! I found out a lot about myself, so am glad to have made acquaintance!

    1. Well same here, kind lady. I think these interviews are helping me immensely with my love life too.

  2. Drinking wine: good. Interview: good!

    1. What? No chocolate Vic? It's always a pleasure whenever you take the time to grace my pages with your commentary. Thank you and take good care, R

    2. What? No chocolate Vic? It's always a pleasure whenever you take the time to grace my pages with your commentary. Thank you and take good care, R